I published a ton of books on KDP focused on Sudoku. Because I love love love this hobby so much. Sadly, after publishing since 2019 my account got terminated because I forgot to do something while editing a journal I had published in 2018. Basically, I didn’t follow their updated terms of use. Oh well!

I love my books. I loved making them. I loved sharing them. And I’m sad that I no longer can sell them via KDP. Then it hit me why not just give them away? I’m a blogger naturally ( I have an online dating blog and a blog dedicated to wine and cheese. I even have a blog about bonsai plants. ) So why not just create a blog dedicated to Sudoku?

So that’s what you are seeing now. My books are all on this website in a safe and secure download area that has every kind of puzzle you can think of.

To see them all you have to do is go here to join my subscriber list.

Seriously — I LOVE sudoku. I once published these books like I eat candy — daily. 🙂

All I ask of you is to click the ad links and consider buying the things I suggest. This is an affiliate-focused monetized blog. Those small clicks help like CRAZY. I place ads inside the books as well so please click those too! Honestly, it really helps me keep going and keep making these books.

Questions ? Email me : crrosaespinosa@outlook.com

Terms of Usage:

Do NOT take these puzzle books or any of my puzzles as your own and publish them online. Want to use one of my books on your site or want to publish the book on KDP? Ask me first. I’m a very nice person — I might say yes!